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The Tie That Binds

The Tie That Binds was created seventeen years ago by Founder, Martha Kaley.  As Martha began sharing her personal story with others, she was shocked to hear how many people had a personal connection to someone who had been affected by breast cancer.  She knew that there needed to be a way to show people the impact that breast cancer has on our lives and provide them with a meaningful way to honor and remember those in their life affected by this terrible disease.  

In 1995,  "Shirley" was created, and in 2011, "Kate" joined the family.  "The Girls" each wear a skirt of pink ribbons.  Those ribbons hold names of loved ones, messages, wishes, and memories that have been tied on by family and friends.

 By making a small donation to The Tie That Binds campaign, you can add the name of a loved one or a special message to one of "Our Girls" and join with us in our efforts to change the pictures of breast cancer forever.    

Together, we can get there Earlier. Sooner.  Now.  

  Meet Shirley

"Shirley" was created to demonstrate the magnitude of the impact that breast cancer imposes.   She sees many pieces of lives;  young girls and boys you carefully select a section of ribbon to write their grandmother's name; women and men that want to talk about their own mother and the meaning of remembrance; and young women who begin by writing one name to acknowledge a friend who is battling breast cancer and then continue with far more names than they ever imagined.  Shirley stands strong to represent the courage that each one of these people has personally demonstrated in their own fight.  Shirley stands strong for anyone who would want to  take a moment to reflect, remember, and honor loved ones.  Shirley stands strong for those that want to join in the effort to change the pictures of breast cancer. 

Meet Kate

In 2011 "Kate" became part of the family thanks to a special gift from Market America.  "Kate" is named in loving memory of Kate Kenworthy-Rodriguez.  Kate was a loving wife, adoring mother and successful Market America Distributor who devoted herself to fundraising for friends battling cancer, St. Jude Hospital, and the Boys & Girls Club.  She held a Master's Degree in education, was a certified athletic trainer and strength & conditioning specialist, and a published author. Kate was gracious, calm natured, and had a beautiful smile that cancer couldn't even fade.  Kate fought a long and courageous battled with breast cancer that ultimately spread to her liver, spine, lungs & brain.  She was only 36 years old.

Please consider joining "The Tie that Binds" and help us reach our goal of $40,000.


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